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The 2019/20 Board of the Women’s Business Network


Kim NerowskiPresident

“My name is Kim Nerowski, I am 19 years old. I was born in a small town in the western part of Germany. This year, I am incredibly honoured to be the President of the WBN Board. As the head of the organisation, I am responsible for representing WBN to external parties, supervising the Board and our committees, and of course making sure that we work well together as a team. Moreover, the strategic planning of the organization’s future and securing long-term partnerships are part of my duties as well.”

Keisha Mathews – Vice President/Treasurer

“I am Keisha Mathews. I’m from India, 19 years old and studying IBA2. I’m the Vice President and Treasurer for Women’s Business Network. In this role, I am responsible for supervising the overall running of the organization, lending a helping hand whenever needed and focusing on the internal affairs and administrative aspects of WBN. Moreover, as Treasurer, I am also in charge of the WBN budget and allocating finances for our events and activities.”

Stéphanie MakunzaChief Marketing Officer

“My name is Stéphanie Makunza and I am 22 years old. I am a Congolese student, born and raised in Belgium. I am currently following the Marketing Management Masters at RSM. Besides WBN, I focus on music production and photography (my online gallery)
My role as the Chief Marketing Officer is to supervise the elaboration of an effective marketing strategy, which includes the management of WBN’s brand identity on multiple platforms and media. I will also be in charge of activities aimed at increasing awareness about the association and reaching a wider audience.”

Julia KulakowskaChief Events Manager

“My name is Julia, I come from Poland, and I am an International Economics and Business Economics Bachelor 2 student. As the Chief Events Manager, I am responsible for getting in contact with the speakers, companies, the university and our guests, to ensure all the details of the event are perfectly scheduled. I will also manage two events managers who will help me come up with event ideas, draft event proposals, arrange venues, catering and any other logistics of the events.”

Vanessa BöhmChief External Relations Manager

“My name is Vanessa Böhm and I am from Vienna, Austria. Currently, I am doing my Masters degree at ESE in Economics and Business, Behavioral Economics. I am responsible to build strong relationships and partnerships with external parties, usually either to participate as a speaker in one of our workshops, company days or other hosted events or on the other side provide financial support.”

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