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We have so many incredible plans for this year we simply cannot do it alone! In order to make it all happen, we need YOU to help us to make sure that we can all have a great year filled with lots of amazing events. If you are interested, please have a look at the different positions available below.

Deadline: October 6th, 23:59

You can send your CV and motivation letter (max. 1 page) to


• Executive secretary: As secretary, you will be responsible for the communication within WBN and all internal documents. Moreover, you will manage our member base and email account while being involved in the organisation of social events. Click here to download a more detailed description of this position.

• HR Manager: As HR Manager, you will be the main contact person between our active members and the Board. Moreover, you will organise social events, collect feedback and create the monthly newsletter. You are someone who is able to identify other peoples’ needs and cares for others. Click here to download a more detailed description of this position.

Vice President

• Financial manager: As financial manager, you will be responsible for managing the finances of WBN. This includes but is not limited to managing the bank account and creating budgets for our events. You will also work closely with the sponsorship manager to manage funds received externally.

• Executive coordinator: As executive coordinator, you will be responsible for overseeing the communication of WBN with the university and other external parties. This includes communication regarding recognition, responding to general emails, etc. You will also assist the Vice President with administrative tasks and coordinate other activities to ensure WBN’s internal affairs continue to function effectively.

Events Committee

• 2x Events managers: As an Event Manager you will be responsible for coming up with creative event ideas and drafting of event proposals. Apart from that, you will be responsible for managing the logistics of the events, such as arranging venues, transportation, catering or supplies. As our events vary from in-house days to workshops or lectures, you will have an amazing opportunity to gain broad experience in event planning, and to personally meet the guests.

Marketing Committee

• Photographer: As a photographer, you will be responsible for taking pictures at all our events and for special occasions too. You will be able to edit them and assign our logo on them in order to provide visual insights into what we organise! This means that you should be present at our events in order to capture them.

• Graphic designer: The Graphic designer is the creative mind working behind the visuals of the association. As such, you will be responsible for creating attractive visuals and designs which will accompany all the content related to the association. Your creative ideas are valued in order to elaborate innovative and impactful designs! You will work closely with the social media manager and the content strategist.

• Social media manager: As a social media manager, you will be able to manage the content featured on the social media. Your tasks will include the creation of online posts, Facebook events, stories, etc. In short, you will be in charge of building our online presence and keep our followers up to date about our latest insights. You will work closely with the graphic designer and the content strategist, and you will mainly focus on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

• Content strategist: The role of the content strategist is to provide the textual content for the website blog and for the social media channels (mainly the WBN’s LinkedIn account posts). You will work closely with the social media manager and the website manager to share your written content and to make sure that our storytelling remains coherent. The content strategist will also help to write the content of the newsletter that the Chief Marketing Officer manages and sends (1x per month) to the WBN members.

Website manager: The website manager will be in charge of managing our website. As we often need to update different sections, you will be able to modulate the website to make it attractive and up-to-date for external visitors. Your creative input is also welcome if you have any idea or recommendation!

External Relations Committee

• 2x External relations managers: As an external relations manager, you are responsible to be in touch with people who are willing to be speakers in our events or participate in our workshops. You should come up with ideas of companies or people you would like to contact. It is good to already know LinkedIn which you mainly will use. Additionally, you will work closely together with the Event manager and decide with whom you are planning an event.

• Sponsorship manager: As a sponsorship manager, you are responsible for our existing financial partners. Moreover, you try to acquire new financial partners who support WBN. That means you should be regularly in touch with existing companies to make sure that they are satisfied with the partnership. Especially at the end of the year, when the partnership agreement runs out, it is necessary to ask for extension of the partnership and for the future conditions. Additionally, you need to come up with companies and people who you would like to contact for setting up new partnership agreements. In this position you will work closely with the financial manager.

Are you interested? Then send your CV and a short motivation letter (max. 1 page) to before October 6th (23:59).

We look forward to receiving your applications and meeting you in person!
Best wishes,

The WBN Board 2019-2020

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