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The 2020/21 Board of the Women’s Business Network


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Noora President of WBN

Currently in her Masters during the board year, Noora takes the time to oversee the general flow of the association. She ensures the success for the 2020/21 academic year but for the ones to come as well. Here are her favourite moments:

My highlights of the year definitely include being able to work with so many inspiring people both inside and outside of the association, and the moments when you notice that there are so many of us who believe in WBN’s mission and want to work together to make it happen.


Asli Vice President and Treasurer

While finishing IBA and working on the side, Asli is in charge of WBN’s finances. She controls the money in and out and secure our sponsorships. Here is what she has to say on the association:

Due to having an amazing team dynamic, I enjoyed being part of the board so much!! We recreated the brand of WBN by working collaboratively and tried to achieve equal opportunities for females. The whole year was a success and showed great improvements.


Jeanne Labergue Chief Marketing Officer

What could be a better challenge than to make a small association get known on campus in the middle of the pandemic? That’s Jeanne’s job and here is what she has to say about the experience:

I was really blessed with the best team you can hope for. Both the active members and the board brought an amazing atmosphere (even online!). My highlight was definitely the start of our podcast Her Story. Getting to know the speakers personally was really inspiring and taught me a lot.”

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Elsa Chief Events Manager

With her head full of ideas, Elsa brings the events in and sometimes build them from scratch. She seems to have enjoyed the year and has a lot to say on it so here you go!

My experience as Chief Events for the 2020/2021 board year exceeded my expectations. In my position, you have all the liberty in the world to be as creative as you can with the events you host. Along with Clémence, we organised events of various formats, and I grasped so much knowledge on different fields but also on various soft skills such as public speaking. Not only was it a great learning experience, but I had the chance to meet exceptionally inspiring women along the way.

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Clémence Aschbacher Chief External Relations Manager

Getting people convinced that WBN is the right association to work with and to promote its values is Clémence’s speciality. We’re sure that this year was a success for her as well!

This board year was such a great experience, both personally and professionally. Personally because I met such great and inspiring individuals. One of the most professionally rewarding memory was the organization of a personal development workshop with McKinsey Amsterdam. It took time to prepare but it was worth it as the consultants were so eager to help us and give us advice!

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