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Our Values


We organise events, workshops, and in-house days to raise awareness for the gender gap and promote the female students of EUR.



We are striving to close the gender gap and inspire ambitious women to achieve their full potential.

Three Pillars

1. Awareness

Progress on the gender gap can only be achieved if there is widespread acknowledgement that the current status quo is sub-optimal at best. The existence of the gender gap has long been an undisputed fact but too little progress has been made to properly address it. The unequal position of women in society has only recently moved to the forefront of the public’s attention. WBN’s goal is that the benefits of addressing the gender gap become clear to EUR students and firms alike.  

2. Education

WBN believes in its educational mandate to enlighten fellow EUR students about all aspects surrounding the gender gap. Akin to the first pillar, education provided by WBN is meant for all EUR students interested. Through workshops and speaker series, WBN educates on pressing issues and ways in which each and every one can make an impact.

3. Networking

The networking aspect is incorporated into the name ‘WBN’ itself and is thus a cornerstone of the association. WBN seeks to create a platform for its female students to network. Through activities organised together with companies, we promote ambitious women to succeed in the business world. The ‘Networking’ pillar of WBN is based on its strong member base and forward thinking corporate partners.

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