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About Us

The Women’s Business Network (WBN) is a study association that offers a platform for ambitious female students and graduates at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our association is established as a response to the growing demand for diversity within businesses. Our goal is to become a platform where we can connect young talented female students and graduates with the right companies as well as mentors and alumni. Want to know more?

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These are the events we have coming up:

  • April 10th: Rotterdam Tech Talks in collaboration with Turing Students and 42 workspace. Speakers and workshops include Google, Microsoft, Growth Tribe, Cognizant and Codam. Buy your tickets now!

And this is what we have done so far:

  • February 14th: Elske Doets, Business Women of the Year 2017 in The Netherlands gave one of her masterclasses and told us all about her initiative at the Young Lady Business Academy. Read the blog post here.
  • January 28th: For our first big event in 2019, we organised the Entrepreneurship Academy: three guests gave us different perspectives. Christy Aikhorin gave a keynote on her journey to sustainable entrepreneurship, which was followed by two interactive workshops. Christine van Andel worked with participants on overcoming insecurities about their next step, and Cathy Delhanty came back to WBN on successful networking in entrepreneurial settings. Read the blog post here.
  • November 22nd: Together with ECE Students, we organised an interactive workshop on influence without authority with Cathy Delhanty. More info here.
  • November 15th: Carla van Stralen gave a  workshop on Finding your Natural Leadership Strength as a Woman. More info here.
  • November 13th, 2018: Sadaf Soloukey coached us on study skills. She is a PhD candidate in the department of Neuroscience and Neurosurgery and told us what she learned when pursuing 3 Master degress simultaneously. More here.
  • November 7th, 2018: Alena Hielema, a professional personal devlopment coach provided us with an interactive in-depth workshop on how to overcome the 7 most common self-limiting beliefs. More info here.
  • October 11th, 2018: Paul Wouters, ex-Club President of Toastmasters at Shell Rijswijk, came to give us tips on public speaking. More info here.
  • May 23rd, 2018: As head of the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organizations, Prof. Dianne Bevelander gave a workshop about Gender Bias and Communicating with an Impact. More info here.
  • April 30th, 2018: Dirceu da Silva gave an inspirational and interactive session on female leadership and personal development. More info here.

Keep an eye on our facebook page to make sure you are always up to date regarding our next events!

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