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Looking for a partnership?

We welcome sponsorships and partnerships from any company or organization wishing to contribute to WBN’s goals.

Current Partnerships & Sponsorships


Deloitte is our ongoing partner and sponsor. We had a successful partnership last year 2021/22 and decided to extend it until this year 2022/23. Together, we hosted the Deloitte in-house day and aim to do so again in spring 2023. This was a very successful event and many WBN members indicated it as their highlight of the year with WBN. Therefore we are looking forward to giving our members this opportunity again. 

A word from our sponsor:

“You want a job with impact. At an employer where you can make difference. Deloitte is such an employer. With over 7,000 people in offices across The Netherlands, Deloitte is one of the largest providers of professional services in the areas of accountancy, tax advisory, consultancy, risk management, and financial advisory. We can only do this if the best people choose us. Students with a broad view who work in multidisciplinary teams on challenging assignments and thereby enrich their knowledge and experience.

Our aim is that our various activities have as much community impact as possible. Let’s connect for impact and never stop growing.

Find out more about current internship opportunities on Deloitte’s website.

Past Partnerships & Sponsorships

Girls In Charge Logo

We partnered with Girls in Charge during 2020/2021 and 2021/22 and allowed WBN active members to become student leaders for the entrepreneurial program and confidence workshops developed by Girls in Charge. This was a very successful collaboration and received high engagement during the pandemic. WBN members enjoyed getting to know other females from WBN like organizations from universities around Europe and the UK. They strengthened their public speaking and business skills and had the chance to empower women in the business field. 

Girls in Charge is a British non-profit organization that aims to empower women through its gamified workshops. Female students from all around the world can develop their confidence and entrepreneurial skills with them. It is also a great platform for ambitious students to meet each other and connect. 

Find out more at


BCG was our sponsor in 2020/21 and together we hosted a virtual program about “Consulting is your Cup of Tea?”. This event was all about getting to know the job of a strategy consultant and asking females from BCG about their work experiences. We had high participation at this event and are looking into a new partnership with BCG this year. 

BCG is a well-renowned consulting firm that is actively engaged in gender equality. It has its own feminist association called Women at BCG which provides female employees with top mentorships and networking programs to help them excel in the world of consulting.

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