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About the business fair

Women’s Business Network is celebrating International Women’s Day with the Women’s Business Fair. We are aiming to empower women, provide the opportunity to forge fruitful connections, and help unlock career possibilities.

Join us for the first edition of the annual Women’s Business Fair and network with industry giants, explore job opportunities, and celebrate women in business.

This is not just an event. It is a stepping stone to your success! Don’t miss out on our biggest event of the year with participation from well-known companies.

What to expect

Interactive events

Attend inspiring panel talks, workshops, in-house days, network drinks, and more


Network with professional, learn from mentors and explore unique job opportunities with recruiters

Partner companies

Collaborating with esteemed companies such as Deloitte, Unilever, and more

Programme schedule


Schedule to be announced…

Panel speakers

John Doe

Branding genius and digital marketing whiz, whose innovative strategies and creative skills have propelled brands to new heights, earning him a reputation in marketing and advertising!

Jane Doe

Breaking barriers in finance and beyond, is known for turning financial complexities into accessible wisdom, driving both personal and professional empowerment!

Jack Doe

Leading change and empowering communities worldwide, with a relentless dedication to making the world a better place, one impactful initiative at a time!

Julia Doe

Coding whiz and STEM champion, whose passion for technology knows no bounds and whose expertise inspires the next generation of innovators!

Working with us

This banking institution doesn’t just handle your funds, it creates an experience. Imagine walking into a bank where every transaction comes with a burst of joy.

They’re the bridge between businesses and international markets. With expertise in trade finance and logistics, they streamline cross-border transactions, making global trade accessible for companies of all sizes.

This consultancy company specializes in helping tech companies navigate ethical dilemmas, ensuring that their products and practices align with values like privacy, transparency, and fairness.

In a world where creativity is currency, these consultants help businesses thrive in the creative economy. They’re the go-to specialists for everything creative and commercial.

More than just financial advisors, they’re your partners in building and managing your wealth. Their team of experts makes navigating finance easy, so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Think of them as your futuristic business advisors. By combining super-smart tech with solid strategy, they help you see what’s coming and make the right moves ahead of time.

Our partners

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