Her Story

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Her Story, Podcast by WBN

In 2020, while the pandemic was hitting the entire globe, we decided to reunite students around our brand new podcasts. We invited powerful women from around the world to share their paths, lessons learned, and their tips for young students. Sadly enough, this years’ graduates, and more than a couple additional generations, will start off their career in a working world still full of inequalities. We hope that with these podcasts, our listeners dare to follow their ambitions and don’t hold back.

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Our first podcast is with Anne Boring on gender inequality in higher education.

Why do girls choose universities that are below their levels? Is it true that female professors are usually ranked lower than males? We met up with Anne Boring, an Assistant Professor of Economics and gender inequality researcher, to answer these questions.

You can listen to this episode here

Her Story, Ivana Bacik

Our second podcast featured Ivana Bacik, a well known Irish activist and Senator. In this episode, she tells us about the journey Ireland went through starting from the 1990s. She explains how abortion is a feminist issue and where it stands now in Ireland and in other societies. 

You can listen to this episode here

Her Story, Wendy Harcourt

Wendy Harcourt is a professor of Gender, Diversity, and Sustainable Development. In this episode, she tells about how feminism is connected to the environment, what is necessary to achieve a more equal and just society, and so much more.

You can listen to her story here

Her Story, Micky Chen

This episode is with Micky Chen, a tech entrepreneur and an IBA alumnus, who is passionate about technology, innovation, and gender equality. In this episode, we’re going to discuss the disadvantages of being an entrepreneur, what is it to be a female in a male-dominated industry, and how to deal with misogynistic comments in the workplace.

You can listen to this episode here