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Mentorship Introductory Event

On the 15th of January, our Mentorship Programme commenced its journey with a highly anticipated introductory event, marking an important moment for both mentors and mentees alike.

The event commenced with a structured presentation that delved deep into the core objectives and aspirations of our mentoring initiative. Following the information session, participants were invited to engage in a series of icebreaker activities. These exercises served as more than just a means to break the ice; they provided a platform for individuals to share personal anecdotes, professional insights, and aspirations.

As the clock approached 17:00, it was time for the last part of the agenda: the networking session where participants could freely mingle. This segment of the event offered mentees an opportunity to meet their and other mentors and connect with peers in an informal setting.

The success of the introductory event lays a solid groundwork for what promises to be an enriching journey for all involved. With enthusiasm and dedication, we embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, confident in our collective ability to inspire, empower, and succeed together.

Thank you everyone for attending and hope to see you soon at our next event!

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