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’30 Lessons Under 30′ with Lisa van der Heijden

The recent ’30 Lessons Under 30′ session with Lisa van der Heijden left a lasting impact, offering valuable insights on personal growth and mindset development. Let’s see what we learned during the 2 hours workshop:

Lesson 1: Building Mental Resilience

One of the fundamental lessons emphasized by Lisa was the importance of cultivating mental resilience. Rather than fixating on problems, she encouraged us to focus on personal growth and autonomy. By reframing challenges as opportunities for development, we can overcome obstacles with grace and confidence. Lisa’s advice to engage in positive self-talk highlights the transformative power of a positive mindset.

Lesson 2: Expanding Mental Models

Lisa introduced us to the concept of expanding our mental toolbox through scenario analysis. Understanding the root causes behind our behaviors is crucial for personal growth. Reflecting on whether our actions align with desired outcomes challenges us to evolve our mental models continuously. This lesson reinforced the notion that self-improvement is a lifelong journey requiring introspection and adaptability.

To quote Lisa: “What if you fail? Everyone fails, even Barack Obama. But you can get up each time.”. 

Lesson 3: Navigating Professional Landscapes

Authenticity and integrity were central themes in Lisa’s discussion on navigating professional environments. She emphasized the importance of staying true to our core values and leading by example to effect positive change within systems. Aligning with employers who share our values ensures a fulfilling career path characterized by purpose and impact. Never change your values because you feel like a corporate position requires you to do so.

Lesson 4: Practicing Positive Self-Talk

Transforming inner doubts into empowering self-talk was another key takeaway from the session. Lisa highlighted the profound impact of positive affirmations on our daily lives. Setting self-care goals, such as giving compliments, serves as a tangible strategy for nurturing mental well-being.

In retrospect, the event underscored the significance of mindset in shaping our personal and professional lives. Lisa’s wisdom provided actionable strategies for overcoming challenges and embracing growth.

Want to know more about the topic or connect with Lisa? Check out her original LinkedIn post here.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to cultivate our inner spark and thrive in our endeavors.

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