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Women’s Business Fair

The Women’s Business Fair has kicked off with an in-house day at Deloitte. We spent half of the day at the Rotterdam office, firstly getting to know the company by debunking the myths and listening to insights from the inspiring women working at Deloitte. After a small coffee break, we spent 2 hours solving a case on the Ocean Clean Up and solving intellectual puzzles, which was followed by presentations of each group. The winning team got their well-deserved prizes and we finished the day with some networking drinks!

On the 2nd day of the WBF, Khushi, an incoming Goldman Sachs Analyst, summer intern and an ambassador gave a workshop on the structure of the company and application process. Different divisions of the company were described and presented from an insider perspective. The participants got plenty of useful tips and tricks for securing an internship at Goldman Sachs and all the information regarding current openings.

On the 8th of March, celebrating the International Women’s Day we hosted a series of events throughout the day.

Starting with a trading simulation hosted by AmplifyME, the participants had a chance to get into a position of an asset manager and investment banker. The 2-hour simulation gave a real life experience of how trading works and sparked interests for a potential career of the attendees. Leaderboard at the end of the event allowed everyone to see how they performed! All of the participants were awarded with an AmplifyME certificate.

After the trading simulation we hosted a panel talk about the future of work, talking about AI and sustainability. The panelists: Elisabeth Bakker from KPMG, Andres Vargas from ABN AMRO, Emelie Hansman from Accenture and Marianna Akhbulatova, a PhD researcher gave us insights into the future and how the development and AI and focus on sustainability will shape the future workspace. Additionally, we focused on the skills the students may develop now to be of benefit in the future. The fruitful conversation was ended with a Q&A session.

To end the week-long event, we headed to the Eetcafe de Stoep to grab a drink. It was an evening full of networking and nice time finishing the day!

Don’t forget to check out the photos below, and stay tuned, our aftermovie is coming at the end of April!

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