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Meet the board members!

Applications for the Board of the academic year 2020/2021 are now open.

Do you want to be in the board? But you want to know more about the positions first? Below, the current board members will tell about their positions.

Application Deadline: Sunday, May 3rd at 23.59h

Since WBN is a part time board, we require on average 20 hours a week and your availability from August 1st, 2020 until July 31st, 2021 for an effective board transition and the foundational planning for the year.

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Being the President is a very rewarding but also demanding task! As head of the organisation, you will represent the Women’s Business Network to external stakeholders and oversee all operations. Having strong organisational and communication skills is key because you are constantly in touch with the other board members to coordinate events. Since you will lead a big group of ambitious students, it is important to be passionate about the cause but also to remain patient at all times to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Throughout the last year as President, I have greatly improved my leadership as well as my social skills. It was an honour to promote not only female empowerment but also equality as a whole and see people thrive!

 As President, you are responsible for:

  • Overseeing all operations within the organisation;
  • Making sure that everything runs smoothly;
  • Supervising the Board and the committees;
  • Ensuring a positive and proactive group dynamic;
  • Managing long-term strategic planning.
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Vice President & Treasurer

Being the Vice President and Treasurer is a rewarding experience but requires commitment and dedication! In this position, you are in charge of the internal processes and the financial position of the Women’s Business Network. For this role, we are seeking an individual with excellent interpersonal skills who is adaptive yet organised. Moreover, you must have an eye for detail and a general understanding of accounting and finance. As the Vice President, you are responsible for ensuring coordination and effective communication among the various committees. Your role as Treasurer involves working with other members to create budgets and approving budgets, bookkeeping, keeping track of cash inflows and outflows and to manage sponsorships.

As Vice President and Treasurer you will keep yourself busy with the following tasks:

  • Creating a yearly budget and a financial report;
  • Approving or rejecting budgets for each event;
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Tracking all cash inflows and outflows;
  • Working with the external relations team to acquire sponsorships;
  • Keeping meeting minutes and agendas;
  • Ensuring communication and coordination among committees and members.
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Chief External Relations

Surely being an External Relations Manager is exciting yet it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. The External Relations Committee is considered the backbone of the association as you are the first step to many events and activities. Your contribution will help direct the association to reach a common goal with your motivation and passion, aligning the purposes of the events with the values of WBN. You would be in charge of contacting and convincing potential speakers for any type of event. The association’s activities and other committees depend on you for ideas and tasks! It is a great opportunity to improve your communication, management, and networking skills. It is also a great chance to push and challenge yourself.

Here is a list of tasks you’d be familiar with for the position:

  • Find creative ways and connections to reach out to interesting potential speakers;
  • Effective and persuasive communication while networking;
  • Work with a team, delegate tasks to other members of your committee and manage deadlines;
  • Work closely with the Events Committee to come up with ideas and to organize events with speakers you contacted.
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Chief Events

Being a Chief Event Manager is an exciting yet demanding job! You not only need to be creative with coming up with new event ideas, but also have very strong organisational and communication skills. Throughout my Board year, I have learnt how to communicate and coordinate with various departments to execute and event well from A to Z, and I have greatly improved my planning skills. Also, I had the opportunity to meet amazing speakers in person, and to work with two amazing Event Managers. It was also an honour to contribute to the gender equality movement on campus, and promote inspiring women!

As a Chief Event Manager, you will keep yourself busy with the following tasks:

  • Drafting Event Proposals for events for our external audience;
  • Communicating with the Marketing and External Relations Committee;
  • Managing the Event Management Committee;
  • Brainstorming event ideas and potential speakers; 
  • Reaching out to other university associations for potential collaborations;
  • Scheduling event details with the speakers;
  • Ensuring an event is well planned and executed.
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Chief Marketing

As Marketing officer you are in charge of the WBN Brand. Together with your team, you make sure that the hard work that the Chief Event Officer and the Chief External Relations Officer and their teams have done, gets seen by our members and partners. For this position you need to be a good communicator and planner.  One of WBN’s pillars is education and as you are managing the Marketing Team you must really harness the skills of your Marketing Team and help them bring it to the next level, and what is not a better sign of education, than when you close the year with more experience than they came in with. 

In this position you will keep yourself busy with the following tasks:

  • Setting up a Marketing Plan;
  • Planning Social Media and Email Campaigns;
  • Tracking Content Creation (from your committee);
  • Communicate with the Events and External Relations Committee to coordinate social media campaigns.
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