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Women of Private Equity

On Monday, the 20th of January, WBN hosted their first career event of the year and enjoyed the speeches of two experts in private equity that introduced the audience to that particular male-dominated field. The audience consisted of enthusiastic students that actively participated in a discussion about the future of Private Equity, as well as career opportunities in private equity. We’d like to thank everyone who participated and hope to see you (again) at similar events, we promise there will be quite a few!

Below are some statements about the event from our fellow students:

I really liked the event, certainly because I haven’t gone into depth with Private Equity. I liked the fact that it was about the speakers’ personal experience with PE.

The I liked that there were 2 different types of speakers, the first speaker talked mostly from her personal experience and we were given a lot of room to ask questions. I like how the second speaker talked about her personal thoughts on Private Equity and how the industry has to change its view on how to manage with PE.

What I liked about the lecture is that it were women telling their stories, as a guy, that is really intriguing.

I really liked the event, but what most spoke out to me was how the speakers were not trying to present the PE industry better than what it is. It was their personal experiences.

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