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Insights: What is like to be an active member?

I’m beyond proud to be a part of Women’s Business Network this year as we managed to initiate and participate in so many wonderful, eye-opening events and projects.

We started our own podcast called HerStory and I had the amazing opportunity to be the host and interview two inspiring women so far who shared their knowledge and opinions during the episode. I searched and contacted various women who have amazing personal and/or professional stories to share, wisdom to spread, and something to teach other girls. This is why we started the podcast HerStory – to connect inspiring women around the globe, from different races and ages, from all paths in life, from different industries and professions. We know they could teach and inspire not only the host of the episode but also every person listening to the podcast no matter where they are or what they do. I’m extremely grateful to have had the chance to host two episodes already (a third one is planned yay). I prepared questions and was responsible for keeping in touch with the guest speaker. Furthermore, I was also responsible for the editing of some episodes which subsequently improved my editing skills but most importantly, this podcast inspired me and sparked a passion in me to create a podcast on my own one day!

I also participated in the Girls in Charge initiative and moderated an interactive workshop of 50 people from the Netherlands, England, Switzerland, and all around the globe. I had two preparation sessions with the founder of Girls in Charge who shared her knowledge and gave some tips and tricks on how to improve your public speaking, leadership, and teamwork skills. I met amazing girls from all paths in life and had the opportunity to network with them and exchange socials as we still keep in touch. Moreover, as I moderated my interactive workshop “Starting a Side Hustle”, I myself learned some tips which made me enthusiastic about finally starting my own YouTube channel as I have thought many times before. In one word, I’m very grateful for having the chance to be a student leader and I would highly recommend it!
Finally, WBN helped me improve my content creation and content writing skills as well as leadership skills. I’m very comfortable with working with Canva now and I learned how to audio edit with SonyVegasPro. Also, I was lucky enough to work in an ambitious, friendly environment of inspiring people while still having fun and enjoying team-building activities together.

Don’t hesitate to join WBN next year – it’s one of a kind opportunity that hides many benefits and new adventures!

Sylvia  Zapryanova, Marketing Committee

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